About KBP

What is the Keystone Benefits Partners Program?

Developed by McConkey Benefits & Financial Services and Benecon in 2008, Keystone Benefits Partners, LLC (referred to as KBP) is a member owned, member governed organization of employers. Collectively, KBP members purchase employee benefits and participate in highly effective risk and cost management programs. Each of the KBP member organizations is qualified and accepted by their peers. Today, the growing pool of KBP members represents:

  • Over 100 operating companies represented by 62 voting members

  • Over $100 million in controlled plan expenses

  • In excess of $20 million of highly structured layered risk reinsurance

  • Over 20,000 insured participant lives

What Makes KBP so Different?

The “Keystone” of KBP is one of the most highly evolved and controlled risk structures in the industry today. What an employer pays for benefits today is driven largely by the insurance market, leaving those in the standard insurance market to control cost through shifting benefits. KBP changes this market dynamic. Now in its eighth consecutive year of controlled growth, KBP member companies have truly gained and maintained control over benefit costs. With cost trends far below market, benefits management is left to human resource professionals to structure and build strategic benefit plans that work best for their diverse workforces. As autonomous employers, each member company maintains full control over their own benefits programs.

Who is Eligible to Join KBP?


The KBP program is exclusive to both organizations that are currently participating in group captive programs for other insured risks (i.e., general liability, workers compensation, auto liability, etc.) and to those that qualify through financial review. Each prospective member organization is reviewed for underwriting risk and presented to the KBP Board of Directors. As a program that is governed and steered by its members, each organization has Board of Directors representation and carries equal weighting to its peers.

Why Join KBP?

The rewards of our unique and proprietary risk structure are clear to the KBP members. We have proven to “bend the curve” on the cost trends and have positioned each of the KBP members to achieve and maintain control over corporate expense related to employee benefits. In addition to this highly effective program for medical benefits, members also benefit from group leveraged dental, vision, life & disability, employee assistance, and even structured wellness programs. Benefits management tools are also an integral part of this program, including leading edge online eligibility management and bill reconciliation software.