KBP Member Testimonials

   Hal McClure, Former CEO - PACE Resources, Inc. 

"The possibility of better managing our medical claims and administrative costs through a self insured program with the added benefit of group purchasing of stop loss coverage. KBP’s service providers have provided PACE with the tools and reporting capabilities that greatly assists PACE in managing the medical benefits. McConkey has provided the services and guidance in the employee benefit areas that we have come to expect from them over many years of our association in other insurance products."

 Michael J. Groft, Managing Partner & CEO - Property Management Enterprises LLC.  


"Prior to KBP, we had large healthcare claims that plagued us for several years in a row. During our first 3 years with KBP/McConkey, we now have a sense of confidence that we can manage the process more effectively. It is now a line item that we can effectively budget and not be as concerned about runaway health care cost...this collaboration allowed us to "level out" the challenging cost cycles that all companies face sooner or later."